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I can write both fairly well - but for long periods of reading block is significantly easier I think. I feel bad that I don't know where Kannada is. I don't speak a word of Sanskrit, but I could read that perfectly, because I can read Hindi. Here's another one, my sister wrote the paragraph on top it's in print, not in script; in actuality written Russian is always in script , my niece signed the bottom: It was gifted to me by my mom's friend fox.

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Cookies make wikiHow better. Note that in the post after this, I am looking for the opposite to reasons why we can't and I want to hear your success stories that could potentially inspire millions [ Do not eat pig,otherwise you will have black fever leishmaniasis. What is the equivalent to a backwards S or an E with too many lines which seem to be pretty standard for most kids at some point?

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It was classified as a "semivowel" by 19th- and 20th-century grammarians but since the s, it has been considered a consonant letter. Damn it I wish I had some examples with me but I'm back in Europe, but I can tell you that everyday chinese is completely impossible to read and it's gone so far now that I just don't ever use paper when I'm there. Think of the "p" sound in the word "pew". You do not only practise reading but also learn something about Russia. For example, I used to write "shin" as an English speaker would write "e" starting in the middle with the little line, instead of the bottom part and "lamed" as "lambda" loop first, insteaf of top-to-bottom for years and it used to really mess up the writing pace.

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Russian alphabet

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At the beginning it takes you about 20 seconds to read a word, later on you will be able to read it at first sight. It's a homework written in Thai asking the child to write sentences using given words: There are some software solutions out there that make typing in Cyrillic really easy. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 51, times. It all kinda blends into one big block to me, sort of like all-caps does in English.

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Written Russian Looks

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