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Bill says — reply to this. I mean, all they can do is eat pillow, they can't even watch it go in and out. So thankful for all the great discourse that's come to the surface this week because of our comments. I love the taste,the smell,the texture,the color. His hands, meanwhile, are fiddling with something.

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At least he used a condom - nasty. Anndrea Michele says — reply to this. Elsa, perhaps being coquettish, turns away. Annabel Chong says — reply to this. But other wise that was almost a nasty as that you tube video you showed of the guy with the FREAKY ass hands tree hands. Click here to watch the Gene Simmons sex tape…. Iryna says — reply to this.

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Keef says — reply to this. Gene comes in closer, and Elsa seems to be saying something to him. I feel so sorry for his daughter. WHY do you all presume that they have a monogomous relationship? What is Gene's Secret? Time to grow up Gene, you should think about how your fucked up actions affect your kids!!!!!! When girly girls have a perfectly appropriate ladygash down below, I never understand why they want it up the bootyhole.

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Although Gene claims to be monogomous, him and Hhannon arent married. Th ings are busy enough that Elsa must kick off her flip-flop sandals. The guy is so creepy he probably hits on her friends. He is one of the ugliest men I have ever seen.

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Watch Gene Simmons Sex Tape

Watch Gene Simmons Sex Tape: Sex Compilation

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And this is new how? He has stated that he has slept with thousands of women and continues to do so!

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Yes, the story structure was shallow and derivative, and Act II didn't raise the level of action high enough. I mean, the characters and setting weren't even introduced, and who was the villain anyway? Plus the hero's journey didn't delve deep enough into the call to action, and the resolution just felt like they were setting up the sequel. All in all I'd give it a 13/10. -IGN
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