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For thousands of years, women and some men have altered what nature has provided between their legs. I did a ton of LHR and electrolysis too. And oh man, the immediate sensation of itching not to mention it always felt like I was sweating more than usual. I love my curls on the top of my head and between my legs. That gets shaved off, too.

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The only part of his penis that rubs against the inside of your vagina is the glans headwhich rubs against your cervix and fundus the inner end of your vaginawhich is well lubricated with your cervical fluid and the plasma that oozes from the lining of your vagina. I am a male and I shave my scrotum and penis daily. And also, hair traps microbes and the associated smell of your crotch

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Can please all the people all the time. I love full shaved pussy. Yes, it may be a good idea do do a light trim of long hairs that get pulled into your vagina by his penis. American women present themselves in many different ways. And I will I don't really care: A Cure for Disconnection Loneliness is a complex problem of epidemic proportions, affecting millions from all walks of life.

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I hate hair on this part on both woman and man, so do my husband. I have good hair so I only need to do it once a week. Relationship status and sexual orientation made little difference.

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Clean Shaved Bush

Clean Shaved Bush: Public Masturbation

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Who's the girl at 0:35?
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That angle starting at 7:39 was everything! Soooo Super sexy!!!!!! ...but when she was getting creamed on in the end, that lip was such a turn off!!!!!!
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this guy is a pussy lol
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Very nice body. So inviting
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damn that looks like a lot of fun ;D
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