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Views Read Edit View history. Leslie manages to disable Leland's control system for the toys. He takes over more and more of the factory space and increases security on these areas. Leslie flees before he is discovered, barely escaping the "Sea Swine" amphibious drone guarding an exit, and makes his way to Gwen's house to reveal what he saw.

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Leslie flees before he is discovered, barely escaping the "Sea Swine" amphibious drone guarding an exit, and makes his way to Gwen's house to reveal what he saw. The Los Angeles Times. So, by the s a new trend had solidified as many diecast vehicles were now being purchased by adults as collectibles, and not just as toys for children. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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In the early days, as mentioned, it was common for impurities in the alloy to result in zinc pest , and the casting would distort, crack, or crumble. Such toys are made of metal, with plastic, rubber, glass, or other machined metal parts. They also made promotional versions for Smith's Crisps potato chips and Harrods department store. Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times stated that what made the film "that much sadder a failure is that everyone involved must have sincerely felt they were doing the Lord's work, care and concern going hand in hand with an almost total miscalculation of mood. Unknown to Leslie, Leland is using the space to develop miniature war machines that can be controlled remotely, aspiring to sell these to the military. Lead or iron are impurities that must be carefully avoided in Zamac, as they give rise to a deterioration of the metal most commonly called zinc pest.

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As Leslie and Patrick confront Leland, Alsatia is attacked by the Sea Swine and is revealed to be a robot , built by Kenneth to be a companion for Leslie after the death of his mother. The term die-cast toy here refers to any toy or collectible model produced by using the die casting method of putting molten lead or zinc alloy in a mold to produce a particular shape. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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