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Posted by Alex Teo at Kim is pretty straight forward as her outfit is pure white but her face is painted well.

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The entire outfit is a mix of various different materials put together intricately. O Still, Edward's pretty darn awesome, and I'd get one too if it wasn't for Hellboy and doll clothing busting my bank account this month. The left and right side is not the same, and there are different materials used for the entire outfit, stitched together and then with belts, straps and other knick knacks added.

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Lastly we get the cooking machine, one of the Inventors other creations. As always, a big thank you to Michael. The panel opposite illustrates the figure and the details of his costume above a list of the production credits. They all follow a similar aesthetic and virtually all the human heads look quite similar with their oversized cartoon eyes and little button noses.

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The hair, head sculpt and ill fitting costume just didn't do it justice. The cooking machine is like a robot Ed, and is painted in some nice metallic tones with straps, buckles and scissored hands all picked out accurately. The intricately designed pants with the mixed materials. Since it's Halloween today, I guess it's appropriate to revisit a post published earlier on April 20, Very interesting combination of materials and parts.

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Hot Toys Edward

Hot Toys Edward: Hot Babes

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The panel opposite illustrates the figure and the details of his costume above a list of the production credits. Back when I got the Medicom Ed I said how impressed I was with his outfit, well HT have managed to improve on it greatly, this is a far more authentic representation of his attire, and looks virtually screen perfect to me. The inner flap shows the customary product shots and holds an additional surprise. Again Hot Toys did not disappoint. The hair is a fantastic sculpt suiting the character from some scenes in the movie more than others.

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