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It arose in the beginning of the 18th century with the modernization reforms of the Russian state under the rule of Peter the Great , and developed from the Moscow Middle or Central Russian dialect substratum under the influence of some of the previous century's Russian chancellery language. The Russian Far East Russian:

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In addition, For Russian Or Eastern between Rome and Constantinople to control parts of southeastern Europe resulted in the conversion of some churches to Rome, which then also used "Greek Catholic" to indicate their continued use of the Byzantine rites. The spoken language has been influenced by the literary one but continues to preserve characteristic forms. From the point of view of spoken languageits closest relatives are UkrainianBelarusianand Rusyn[36] the other three languages in the East Slavic languages. With the exception of bishops, who remain celibatethe Orthodox Church has always allowed priests and deacons to be married, provided the marriage takes place before ordination. Monastics often fast on Mondays in imitation of the Angelswho are commemorated on that day in the weekly cycle, since monastics are striving to lead an angelic life on earth, and angels neither eat nor drink. The term 'icon' comes from the Greek word eikonwhich simply means image.

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In , the Byzantine Empire fell to the Ottoman Empire. Since , the term "Far East" has been increasingly used in Russia to refer to the federal district, though it is often also used more loosely. The political unification of this region into Kievan Rus' in about , from which modern Russia, Ukraine and Belarus trace their origins, established Old East Slavic as a literary and commercial language. Where outside customs affect church practices such as worship, a closer watch is kept for guarding the integrity of worship, but suitable local differences are welcomed and celebrated joyfully. Several other churches in Europe , Asia , and Africa also came to use Orthodox in their titles, but are still distinct from the Eastern Orthodox Church as described in this article.

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Russian Far East

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Accordingly, the Eastern Orthodox consider Mary to be the Ark of the New Covenant and give her the respect and reverence as such. However, even before this exclusionary tendency from the West, well before , the Eastern and Western halves of the Church were in perpetual conflict, particularly during the periods of Eastern iconoclasm and the Photian schism. The Orthodox Church has never [ citation needed ] described exactly how this occurs, or gone into the detail that the Roman Catholic Church has in the West.

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For Russian Or Eastern

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Retrieved 26 April Paul and the Apostles traveled extensively throughout the Empire, including Asia Minor, establishing Churches in major communitieswith the first Churches appearing in Jerusalem and the Holy Landthen in AntiochEthiopiaEgyptRomeAlexandriaAthensThessalonicaIllyricumand Byzantiumwhich centuries later would become prominent as the New Rome. There is also typically an inscription on the back in Church Slavonic: Retrieved 16 August Stress marks are mandatory in lexical dictionaries and books for children or Russian learners.

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