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Vintage Poison Labels

Click side view to see such which has several staggered vertical ribs defining the edge of the side. Chemical bottles are a vague category and covered next briefly.

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These are almost certainly Breast Cancer Porn first proprietary embossed bottles of any type used by an Oregon firm and are good examples of the earliest druggist bottles found in the West at least; there are likely similar items in other parts of the country too, with and without pontil scars. See that section for a brief history of the company. Halloween is going be a great one! Incidentally, the first patent issued for a medicinal product in the Vintage Poison Labels. The pictured bottle above has a crudely applied "patent" or possibly "packer" finish, was blown in a post-bottom mold, has ample body crudity whittle markingsand no evidence of air venting all of which indicate a likely manufacturing date, though the maker is unknown i. The medium amber bottle pictured to the right is one of the most notorious quack medicines of the early 20th century in that it was one of the medicines singled out by Samuel Hopkins Adams in his Collier's Weekly articles entitled the "Great American Fraud" which help lead to the passage of the Pure Food and Drugs Act in

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Return to the top of this page. Prowell was in business at this address in only and pers. This page is divided somewhat arbitrarily into the categories and sub-categories listed below. I filled the jars with different levels of water, and added food coloring to them for effect. These bottles were also blown in a cup-bottom mold and do not have pontil scars. Balsams were singled out for comprehensive treatment in Betty Blasi's excellent book "A Bit About Balsams - A Chapter in the History of 19th Century Medicine" which includes an extensive section on the wide variety and history of the Hall's Balsam bottles. The Owl Drug Company produced its bottles with many variations, including:

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This product was made by the Jas. Conversely, t he triturations bottles discussed above follow quite well the guidelines presented throughout this website and summarized on the Bottle Dating page; see that page for more information. If you had similar symptoms during a cold or allergy attack, such as a runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing, a homeopathic micro-dose of the remedy Allium cepa red onion would help your body heal itself. Homeopathy vials - a very  homogenous category which really only vary in size and finish type - do not following the dating rules laid out within this website very well due to the bottles being made in a way that erased the mold seams even though the later ones were likely machine-made.

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Vintage Poison Labels

Vintage Poison Labels: Hd Teen

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This post may contain affiliate links. Another olive green example of a Dr. Due to the vagueness of this category it is only covered by a couple additional examples which follow.

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