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Diagrams Of The Mouth

Research confirms that good moods are contagious. The tongue forms the inferior portion of the mouth, but often moves throughout the mouth to occupy almost any region of the hollow cavity. The mouth includes both soft tissues such as the tongue, soft palate and tonsils and hard structures including the teeth and jaw bones into which the teeth are set. Incisors Incisors are teeth that are located at the front and mid-line of the mouth.

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Lateral to the lips are the cheeks, which are fleshy structures that form the sides of the mouth. If a tooth is too damaged to repair with a filling or root canal, it may be removed. Soft Palate The soft palate is located posterior to the hard palate and consists mainly of muscle tissue. The lips are soft, fleshy structures that form the anterior border of the external opening of the mouth.

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Similar to the lips, the exterior of the cheeks is covered in keratinized stratified squamous epithelium continuous with the skin and the interior is covered in nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium continuous with the mucous membrane. The lower-lip is also known as the inferior lip and is the lip closest to the chin as opposed to closest to the nose. This is useful for introductory level courses but doesn't include all of the parts of the mouth that are involved in the initial stages of the digestion process.

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Anatomy of the Mouth

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Tartar requires professional cleaning for removal. Concerns about the health impact of social media - 16 Nov '17 Psychological benefits of different types of natural environments - 2 Nov '17 Research confirms that good moods are contagious. It consists of skeletal muscle covered with muscous membrane. Angelic experiences feel safe, peaceful and comforting. Inflammation of the deeper structures of the teeth periodontal ligament, jawbone, and cementum.

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Diagrams Of The Mouth

Diagrams Of The Mouth: Cum in Mouth

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On This Page Related Anatomy. A sticky, colorless film made of bacteria and the substances they secrete. If plaque is not removed, it mixes with minerals to become tartar, a harder substance.

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