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Thompson, your son grew up not knowing who his parents were. It is what his parents don't notice a piece of his hair sticking up after he combed his hair to look perfect which ruined his school photo.

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Aw gee, thah-at sounds swell, fellas, but I can't go 'cause I'm still havin' behavioral problems. When Cartman finds out, he calls the Thompson's son "Ben Ass-fleck" and this immediately causes him to start laughing again. Orange you glad I didn't say bbb? Ye-yes, but here at South Park Milk we strive for excellence. Their "s" and sometimes "th" comes out sounding like a raspberry]. Because it was having sex with the ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch And the best part is

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This triggers his fuse, and he starts laughing again. He goes through a list of things like seeing a raunchy movie, and talking to Jimmy for his stand-up routines. Come on, I bet you got a smile for me.

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He stops and stifle a laugh] Just- okay [chuckles] No. The doors open and Cartman enters]. The door opens and Kyle and Stan walk in. Yes, but we last heard the nanny was heading west.

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South Park Eat With Your Butt

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