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Shaped Charge Penetration

High explosive anti-tank warhead. G, H and J — October Learn how and when to remove this template message. The proposed Project Orion nuclear propulsion system would have required the development of nuclear shaped charges for reaction acceleration of spacecraft. Jet temperatures vary depending on type of shaped charge, cone construction, type of explosive filler.

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A shaped charge is a concave metal hemisphere or cone known as a liner backed by a high explosive, all in a steel or aluminum casing. The key to the effectiveness of the hollow charge is its diameter. Shaped charges were first developed after World War I to penetrate tanks and other armored equipment. Shaped charge effects driven by nuclear explosions have been discussed speculatively, but are Shaped Charge Penetration known to have been produced in fact. Octol-loaded charges have an average jet temperature of degrees Celsius with a standard deviation of 40 degrees Celsius. The electronic image tube that acts as the shutter for each image frame converts the photons of laser light reflected by the shaped charge to photoelectrons.

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Naval Torpedo Station at Newport, Rhode Island , he noticed that when a block of explosive guncotton with the manufacturer's name stamped into it was detonated next to a metal plate, the lettering was cut into the plate. The impact of a ball or slug EFP normally causes a large-diameter but relatively shallow hole, of, at most, a couple of CDs. This lower precision caused the jet to curve and to break up at an earlier time and hence at a shorter distance. Retrieved 24 December It is normally compounded with a few percent of some type of plastic binder, such as in the polymer-bonded explosive PBX LX, or with another less-sensitive explosive, such as TNT , with which it forms Octol. Retrieved from " https:

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Some explosives incorporate powdered aluminum to increase their blast and detonation temperature, but this addition generally results in decreased performance of the shaped charge. The various frames may be focused on different portions of the jet, or they may be set to produce sequential photographs of the same portion of the jet. Los Alamos National Laboratory, , pp.

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Shaped Charge Penetration

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