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If her reasons are deemed unreasonable registration may still be granted. Missions , List of U.

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Saudi Arabia Country Page. The Bahamas Country Page. British nationality law has its origins in medieval England. Therefore, citizenship by birth was perpetual and could not be, at common law, removed or revoked regardless of residency. The Hong Kong handover resulted in yet another nationality: In some cases Singapore and the Federation of Malayacitizenship statuses were created before independence was achieved. The Commonwealth Immigrants Act sharpened the distinction between citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies CUKCs who had close ties with the United Kingdom and were free to enter, and those citizens who had no such ties and were therefore subject to immigration control.

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It was decided at that conference that the United Kingdom and the self-governing dominions would each adopt separate national citizenships, but retain the common status of British subject. The following people did not have the right of abode simply by virtue of registration as a CUKC but could hold it through United Kingdom descent or residence, or if a woman, marriage to a man with Right of Abode:. Some exceptions to this general principle existed in the common law, to recognise the situation of children born on foreign soil to English or British after the Act of Union subjects. Note that passing the test is also required for anyone wishing to remain indefinitely in the UK, whether or not they apply for citizenship. This was treated for the purpose of the Act as "registration in the United Kingdom" and hence without the special limitations on Right of Abode, that status would have been held by some CUKCs with no other qualifying ties to the United Kingdom. Commission on Human Rights , UN.

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History of British nationality law

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This provision applied to only dual nationals-—it is not applicable if deprivation would result in a person's statelessness. Regulations Foreign Affairs Manual and Handbooks. Security-Building Measures , Confidence and. Telephone Numbers -- Central Switchboard:

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Foreign Women Are Subject

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Kiribati Country Page Kleptocracy. Consular -- Affairs, Bureau of see travel. Embassies and consulates, List of U. Right of abode Belonger status in certain British Overseas Territories and formerly certain former British Dependent territories. South Africa Country Page.

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