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I have the exact same very small white dots on my posterior shaft of my penis that stop a couple inches before the head. Yes, those little white dots are very common and are usually of no significance. Nothing to worry about. The most common STD that induces bumps on penis is herpes type two.

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The only reason I noticed this post was because it has been recently concerning me because I would say over the past 5 years it has extremely slowly spread to my penile shaft. Since I was extremely parinoid about this I have been checking my penis for any changes. It is often spread during staying in bed with an infected person. I am having almost the same problem as you.

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Since I was extremely parinoid about this I have been checking my penis for any changes. The skin on top is smooth and I can feel the bumps below if I pull the skin tight. The bumps appear to look like hair bumps but I can't recall clipping any hair that far on my shaft. I have similar type bumps on the base of my penis those are more pronounced look very similar to that of a hair gland although not all have hairs. Hi, I'm a teenager and have never had any sexual contact besides kissing.

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hanney908, Hi.. I'm kevin and im half American half Japanese 22 years old birthday is on April 21st. I absolutely love playing sports and watching them! I just work 5 or 6 days week and come home relax watch.... I like: striptease.

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Last updated on May 13th, by Samuel Peterson. I'm going to get checked out in a few days for all STDs  and praying it nothing more then bathing soap I have used causing it. Some of them do, on rare occasion, become larger and red, like a boil of sorts, and I usually pop it like a zit as hard2tell32 mentioned. Some of the proceeds from purchases made through this site are used to continue our research, support advertising and keep our website running so we can continue to bring you the most effective treatments for Genital Warts that science and research has to offer. Squeezing can lead to inflammation, worsen any possible infection and can result in scarring.

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White Bumbs On Penis

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