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A man's penis size means everything to a woman. In fact, one night stand or long term relationship, it is always about the complete package: However, I came to the conclusion that I was happy with its size and if a woman had a problem with it They "say" the experience was horrible or scary. With the feeling of repetitive "ease" we take it for granted and become tired of it.

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And tbh, once again, I think that women talk about dicks quite light hearthetly. Whatever the size of the cock it is still only a small part of the man. I mean come on, if you have to base your relationship on a PENIS, there's something wrong with the relationship- not the penis. My prayers - even though I'm an athiest - go out to all those virgins. They are also paid to "take it".

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I have seen and heard too many of my friends both sexes , fight over wanting sex or they would end the relationship. Seems fashion based just like women's breast or dress size. For example give a woman or man a chance to be with the perfect human specimen they will most likely go for them than anyone else if it were possible.

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I've dated white guys and they cant stay hard at all, kind of sad with their floppy penises. Since I do believe that the porn industry creates this expectation and that it does influence both men and woman I find it really amazing what he tried to do. Thanks Karen for all the lovely tips. For men when there penis is small or they are broke, or due to some other misfortune they too will settle for what they can get.

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My Penis And Everyone Else

My Penis And Everyone Else: Black Penis

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To be honest we had like 3 weeks full of fighting because one morning I just said to him that I don't want to have sex anymore because it hurts like hell and all the time i'm just thinking "when is it going to stop, do it quickly!! Men and women alike. I find it funny how even couples having sex can't communicate.

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