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An allergic reaction to a new soap, shampoo or lubricant can also provoke the spread of bumps. Other causes of penis bumps Common penile bumps are called Fordyce spots.

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If you have discovered any kind of pimples on your penis, it is better to leave them alone and not to squeeze them. They are very annoying and itchy. Either way the question could easily be answered by seeing a doctor and if the bumps were genital warts can be easily treated and should be!

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Given that it is also rich in manganese, it ensures that you will not get any scars once the dark spots have disappeared. Often, the spots will go away on their own without the need for medical treatment, but it is a slow process that could take as much as an year, depending on what caused them to appear in that part of your male anatomy. Fordyce spots are non-infectious and totally harmless so, no treatment is required. February 26, at 5:

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Common Causes of Bumps on Penis

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They are commonly seen in men with uncircumcised penis. Hi doctor can I please have your email address? A penis health creme can also help with itching, rashes, redness and irritation. Though there is no irritations such as itching, paining or burning sensations, I thought I should consult doctor. I ejaculated again and it dripped down and I wiped it up and there was bumps there.

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Dark Bumps On Penis

Dark Bumps On Penis: Black Penis

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