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Maybe this was more true years ago, but I have many Turkish friends and I can not see this. People who have different world views can become friends later in life if they stay together, but people who are similar,  fly. Preserve money, plan to take it to the graveyard. I met my wife on-line, and I cannot count how many people I met or talked to, prior to meeting her, who were sick and tired of Turkish guys bugging them for a date.

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Turks are real fuckers. Oğuz Turkic are famous but who are the others? I am not very religious person, I just stick at the basics, like no alcohol, no bacon, praying etc. In my experience the relationships that work best are those that have two people who are most similar to each other. This is one of the first things you can talk to them about, that is what does their name mean. I am sorry for my English, hope I made some sense. Perhaps the second most genetically indistinguishable country is France, and you used a Turkish girl with a Parisian style as a supporting argument.

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Once you get a Turkish girl in Western clothes or out of them, mind you and her hairstyle and make up is like a European, it is hard to discern where in the world she is from. There are 37 million women in Türkiye, like 5 million in Istanbul alone and another 4 in Ankara. For others, they just fuck. It's not generalisation to say that Turkey has a problem.

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I believe in the commonality of all people, however, culture plays a role in how people see the world. Even though Ottoman Empire was originally a Turkic based empire, throughout history, Turks in Ottoman empire were not respected and tried to be assimilated because they were feared if you look at Turkic history, it will become very clear why Turkic groups are afraid of each other. In fact, it is much lower than the flight factor of an American girl in general.

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