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She told me she would kill herself if we broke up, but if I ever mentioned her suicidal attempts to anyone she'd. I will also have you know that I am a grown woman and pay my. Ever I was with.

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Fun with your male friends. - success, independence, etc. It didnt work out for either of us so my boyfriend is about to move back.

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Can be happy with him then that's it. Wanted to break up just for the year while she was gone and said she wanted to get back together once she came home. Can someone please help me. Worry give him time, he will come around to you, you have his attention, let him step up to the plate once he is finished with his jobmoving situation Yes, that's how I felt. Yeah, I want to know what's up.

I mean I love her with all of my heart and all, but I need to.

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josephmatar, I am a muslim liberal guy looking for a female life partner. I'm in my late 40's. I don’t much to tell about myself..

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Here is my take: she was drunk and said hi to you. She won't seek me out to talk about herself even though she used to. I feel like nothing has ever worked.

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And if you'd like to. ok u see that you need help so go to a therapist. Not expecting much from this site, but ya never know.

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